100 days to change

I am one month away from my “new-born” turning 1, and it hit me, how long will I be able to still call him a baby?  How much longer do I have to still use him as an excuse to not returning emails or answering voicemail? or even for the bulge of skin over my jeans?  I am thinking that the time has actually already passed…yet here I am still leading with…“I am so sorry, I just had a baby!”


Well, today is the day that I have decided to create change, I am going to take the next 100 days to begin anew, to disrupt business as usual in my life and to get out of this complacency I have found myself in.

For those of you that know me you might be thinking, complacency? But Pauline hasn’t stopped, and this is true.  I haven’t stopped.  Since my second son was born on November 13th 2012 I have travelled (with him) to:

  • Vancouver, Kona, New York City, Boston, Salt Lake City, Denver, Nairo20131014-170358.jpgbi, Malindi, Lamu, Amsterdam, Washington, Miami

Sounds like quite the list, and from the outside looking in it can seem a certain way – like I am getting a lot done.  The problem is the way I feel is that I have been spinning my wheels hiding in the story of being a new mom to not live my life the way I want to.  Problem number 2…I am not quite sure what, “the way I want to”,  looks like.  With every child I have felt like I needed to reinvent myself and this is exactly what I want to do right now.

This is day 1 of my personal journey to change, join me, watch me or criticize me…either way I hope that my journey can support one other person to make a difference in their life or peel one mom off the bathroom floor.   A place I have become all too familiar with.  Yes, life can be hard, being a mom can be exhausting and working while being a mom can seem impossible.  I believe that you can do it all – the question is what do you choose to do and what changes do you need to make?  I don’t know – but I am going to take the next 100 days to find out!

“When Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, he didn’t start by trying to improve the candle.  He decided that he wanted better light and went from there”. 

– Wendy Kopp




5 Comments on “100 days to change

  1. So happy that one of the most inspiring ladies I know is finally putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!). Can’t wait to follow and join you on your 100 days to change. Love you!

  2. So happy that one of the most inspiring ladies I know is finally putting pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard! Excited to follow and join you in 100 days to change. Love you!

  3. Hello lovely Pauline..great to see a blog…I too suffer from being overly busy and travelling to every corner of the globe but often am left empty or feeling stagnant and wonderful if I have really accomplished anything but feeling exhausted with loads of air miles!…You are inspiring me to start the 100 day…starting with signing up for a meditation workshop in a few weeks!

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