Opps – Okay Starting NOW!

Okay – so it happened. I said I was going to do something and I didn’t. UGH! This is my pattern that I need to break, desperately.

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they are yours!” – Richard Bach

Well, there you have it. Our words create worlds and the words I told myself after I posted my first blog were; “you don’t have time for this, there is no way you can do this”. What happened? I did not post. Instead last night I watched Vampire Diaries (2 episodes) and watched my boys sleep. Yep, both of them were in my bed. My husband you ask, where was he? Oh that is simple – in the bunk bed downstairs. I know, I will address this in another blog. This blog is about recommitting to the projects I want to accomplish.

My friends called me all excited with this BIG idea and want to start right NOW to move it forward. The only thing in the way of great things happening in my life is ME! Sound familiar?

I attended a course today that is looking at emotional intelligence for effective leadership and one of the questions that was posed was; Who do you want be when you grow up? Notice the language – who do you want to BE? Not what do you want to DO?  Well I want to BE someone that makes a difference, everyday, always and in the smallest little ways.  For me making a difference means sticking to my commitments and for those of you that know me it is a tough one for me to commit to as I am so easily distracted and LOVE the airport.

Here’s to recommitting, to writing, and to moving forward even if I have no idea where I am headed & to have the faith and belief that everything will be exactly as it should.


ps:  here are the journaling questions I am working with today & the source;

1.  when I feel understood  ….



2.  when I am at my best ….

3.  what I really care about …

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