Belly Breathe

Worst night in a while. According to UP 4 hours of in and out sleep and now I have to rush out the door for a course, which I am going to be late for but wanted to post this quickly.

A simple tool I use for my toddler that needs to be shared with adults, Gerard, not to name any names.  Oddly enough it is also used by google exec’s (see p. 116 in Search Inside Yourself).  A useful practice to deal with triggers, like when you get baby poo all over you and declare:

“Great, this is how my day is going to be!”

Yes it will!  WHY?? Because word create worlds – so choose them wisely today.  And when you are triggered because you will be, STOP, Breathe, Notice, Reflect, then and only then RESPOND!

Thanks google!

– PC

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